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Belly Dance:
A path to reclaiming power
through embodiment

My story: During the spring of 2013 after breaking my wrist mountain biking and being out of work... oh, I was also going through a divorce too... I discovered belly dance by happenstance. I signed up for a private healing dance session, and upon my arrival I saw a flyer for belly dance. I thought to myself, "I'll never do that! Who would want to do that? Isn't that just for men to objectify women?" Anyway, my teacher shared belly dance with me during our session, and it was probably one of the most powerful movement practices I had ever attempted. I felt my own life force running through my bones, and I felt a connected-ness to my body that I had never felt before. My body felt awake for the first time- more than just mental alertness. 

I had no idea that belly dance was actually created for women by women to assist with labor and delivery. It was also used in healing rites/ rituals for both men and women because utilizing our core helps us to metabolize stored traumas that have been buried deep within. Belly dance was also used to assist girls transitioning to womanhood so they could carry themselves in a graceful, centered way. This type of dance can teach us, too, how to hold our sexuality or our essence in a grounded, empowered way. Our sexuality is more than just our gender or sexual orientation- the way we talk, dress, communicate, and carry ourselves is our sexuality or essence. Our true essence is housed within our innocence, and when those two become separated through trauma either people may either repress or over-give our power to others. 


I teach belly dance with a focus on reclaiming power through embodiment. From a more physical standpoint, belly dance can help improve our posture, energy level, core strength, and balance our metabolism.  :)  Big love! See you in class! 

Options for learning belly dance:

-Live Zoom 1:1 Sliding scale $65-85

-In person 1:1 for 60-70 min;  Sliding scale $87-127 (Tuesdays, Saturday mornings in downtown Marshall or at my home on a different day if I've met you before) 

-Group series dates TBD 

-If you would like free material, please find me on Instagram @bike_dance_live and click on my reels; I have about 26 different moves explained and broken down






-'Moonthly' Red Tent:

For hundreds if not thousands of years girls and women gathered in community to teach and learn from other women. In modern times, this desire for community is still there, but I have often felt it difficult to find one. So, I'm creating one! :)


This gathering will consist of ~5 women who meet on/ around the new moon based on current studio availability. There will be a beginning, middle, and end which will consist of: coming together and speaking gratitude, checking in, calling in of the directions, education on something related to womanhood and/ or being a woman in the modern world, a form of movement whether that be brain integration practices , gentle embodiment practices, and/ or belly dance moves, and then wrap up with releasing of the directions.

No dance experience is required. All I ask is that you show up as you are with an attitude of non-judgement and be prepared to hold space for other women to show up as they are. This is not a place for active triggers or mental health counseling. I am excited and capable of holding space for people who are properly resourced and can manage their own emotions and nervous systems.


I will have a general plan, and am happy to cater to the needs of the group; I won't stick to a plan just for the sake of sticking to a plan if it doesn't match the needs of the women who attend that day. You are welcome and encouraged to bring water/ snacks as no food will be provided. If you choose to eat prior to the gathering, I recommend eating a light meal or eating earlier as belly dance can definitely stir up the gut. 


This is for you if:

You want to be part of a community of like minded women 

You are interested in embodiment practices, stress management techniques, and movement

You are a wombless person or still have your womb and eager to learn things about our moon cycles that maybe you hadn't known

You are 18 years of age or older

All AFAB and femme identifying people are welcome!

Please contact me to register as space is limited. If we outgrow our space, I am happy to look elsewhere as I plan on hosting this gathering until I no longer feel called to do so. If you have any questions about anything please contact me (and to register): call/text 828-606-2264 or email

I don't provide a refund for the Red Tent, so please make sure you are able to attend before paying and registering. 

Reciprocity: Sliding scale $18-50 (nobody turned away, please contact me if money is an issue)

Venmo @Erin-Passarello, PayPal, cash (please bring exact change if paying with cash)

Location in downtown Marshall: 

7 N. Main St.

Suite 201

Marshall, NC 28753

*Door is on Bailey's Branch between Grateful Organic Diner and Zuma Coffee. 

**There are 26 steps to get to the studio space, and you must be able to get up/ down the stairs without assistance. 

Daytime Belly Dancing
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