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Stretch! Damn It! Online video course for cyclists to learn restorative techniques for longevity of riding. 

Belly Dance:
A path to reclaiming power
through embodiment

Daytime Belly Dancing

My story: During the spring of 2013 after breaking my wrist mountain biking and being out of work... oh, I was also going through a divorce too... I discovered belly dance by happenstance. I signed up for a private healing dance session, and upon my arrival I saw a flyer for belly dance. I thought to myself, "I'll never do that! Who would want to do that?" Anyway, my teacher shared belly dance with me during our session, and it was probably one of the most powerful movement practices I had ever attempted. I felt gold light running through my body (my own life force) and I felt a connected-ness to my body that I had never felt before. My body felt awake for the first time- more than just mental alertness. 

I had no idea that belly dance was actually created for women by women to assist with labor and delivery. It was also used in healing rites/ rituals for both men and women because utilizing our core helps us to metabolize stored traumas. Belly dance was also used to assist girls transitioning to womanhood so they could carry themselves in a graceful, centered way. This type of dance can teach us, too, how to hold our sexuality in a grounded, centered way: we can all be "sexy" without giving our power away and without repressing it and who we are. Our sexuality is housed within our innocence, and when those two become separated through trauma we will either repress or over-give our power to others. 


I teach workshops and classes on traditional belly dance with a focus on reclaiming power through embodiment. From a more physical standpoint, belly dance can help improve our posture, energy level, and core strength. 1:1 Zoom classes are available ach in the greater Asheville area including Brevard and Hendersonville. Please subscribe or email me to find out when and where. :)  Big love! See you in class! 

Options for learning belly dance:

Self Paced Online Course click here

Live Zoom 1:1 

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