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I hope to resume offering these programs again yearly starting in 2025...

Earth Cycles 
Group Mountain Biking Program

Earth Cycles is a group mountain bike program that runs from March to October every year.  We follow the energies of the seasons using the model of the medicine wheel, found in many cultures, which is a way to follow nature's rhythms. Drawn on paper it looks like a compass with 8 main points.

For example: What would be Southwest represents the mid-way point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox which energetically represents our personal connection to the Earth and how we take care of our physical bodies. Southwest on the medicine wheel also represents downtime or "siesta" culture- taking time to rest after a period of work as well as "time outside of time." For the 2022 Southwest ride was somewhat hilly with time to swim at a lake and time to be along and sit with a certain aspect of the Earth- the water, a flower, whatever speaks to us in the moment to continue to develop a personal connection with the Earth. Each ride is centered around a different teaching each month. 

As a clairaudient and clairvoyant person I use my intuition and deep listening with the Earth to design each ride. If I share anything from a specific culture it will be stated with permission. 

The theme for the year changes. 2022 was animal messengers, and 2023 will be plant messengers. Each theme is channeled and determined by the Earth. 


  • experience community of open minded mountain bikers

  • develop a closer relationship with the Earth

  • receive support from plants and other aspects of nature with guidance

  • explore beautiful Dupont 

  • improve mindfulness while biking in and outside of group rides

  • exercise and have fun learning while doing it!

Cost: $297 when paid in full by end of first ride. Or $45 per ride individually.​

All riders are recommended to have 1 year experience riding single track and are required to have a f working mountain bike and health insurance. Mountain biking is a high risk sport and all riders must fill out a waiver and emergency contact information prior to first ride. 

Into The Mystic 

Individual and Private Group

Worried about keeping up with a group? Join me one on one. I can teach you the energies of Each of the seasons and lead you through intention setting in order assist you in developing a closer relationship to the Earth. Deepening a relationship with the Earth happens with more time spent outside. 

Please allow minimum of 2 hours for individual rides.

Cost $150 individual per ride

Cost private group (2-6 people): $60 per person

Individual rides are scheduled by appointment. Please email me I do check my spam folder, but to ensure your email doesn't get lost please TEXT me at 828-606-2264 if you don't receive a response within 2 working business days. 

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