Come follow me into the mystic!

Welcome! Watch this video to see what your tailbone says about your ability to hold and own your own power! Are you grounded and centered with your tailbone pointed towards the Earth or are you unknowingly giving your power away?

My goal is to support, treat, and empower my patients. When we are at ease and are in alignment in our bodies, we are  also aligned with what we want and need. Pain or dysfunction can inhibit our ability to tune into our own body sensations and therefore what we need/ want, so my job is to assist the body in becoming clearer so my patients can eventually tune in without needing my assistance. 

Call me for a free 20 minute consult if you'd like to hear more or have any questions. 828-606-2264. We can also set up a consult via Zoom: email me at


Hi my name is Erin Passarello, and I utilize different modalities within my business. I treat patients as well as teach classes and workshops. With treatment I primarily utilize manual therapy (hands-on work) and therapeutic exercise for young people with acute or chronic issues. I teach belly dance, stretching, and embodiment (focusing on one body part or tissue to increase body awareness). Because of the relationship between core engagements and appropriate posture belly dance actually incorporates many things I teach my patients in treatment. In fact I've seen much improvement in people's posture and decreased lower back pain when I introduce aspects of belly dance into treatment. 


My patients primarily consist of active people who are struggling with knee pain, back pain, migraines, or post-concussion symptoms. I can also treat people who have been in car accidents who sustain whiplash injuries. I do not need a referral as I do not take insurance, but I will require a note from a physician clearing a person for physical therapy in the case of car accidents or head trauma.

My current office location is within another business (Fleurish) in downtown Hendersonville.

140 4th Ave W.

Hendersonville, NC 28792

By appointment only. 

PHysical Therapy

Currently on hold for self-healing reasons.

Manual therapy is hands-on treatment for the patient. My two main modalities are CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release.  I also use strain/ counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, total motion release, and mobilization with movement. The purpose of manual therapy is to assist the patient in making gains they could not otherwise achieve with only exercises or stretches. 

Earth cycles group program

Each year from March 1st to ~Oct. 31st I lead group rides that literally follow the Earth's cycles. Experience the different energies of each of the 8 main points of the year within the mountain biking community. All riders are recommended to have at least 1 year experience riding single track for safety. Beta group price for 2022 $297 in exchange for feedback/ reviews at end of year. Questions or want to sign up? Email me

Mystic rides/
mystic hikes

I've been interacting with the Earth using my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience since 2011 and am now using my gifts to help others.

Individual sessions outside with an intention set by you to deepen your connection to self and Earth. 2 more free spots in exchange for feedback /review. Possible themes: fairie realm, animal messengers, the medicine wheel.

Belly Dance Classes

Belly dance has been around for millennia assisting women in the labor and delivery process and assisting both men and women in healing traumas stored in the body. Belly dance was also used in rites of passage ceremonies to assist girls in transitioning gracefully into a woman's body.

My classes are geared towards the beginner and focus on core strengthening and improving posture for a healthy spine. In person and online options, individual and group. 

'moonthly' red tent

Coming in 2022 or 2023. Monthly meetings for girls, women, and femme identifying people to learn about nutrition, belly dance, how moon cycles influence our menstrual cycles, and support within community for women by women. 


Want to just come hang out in WNC and bike, hike, or just hang out? Maybe you're coming to the area to see if you want to make WNC a permanent residence and want to spend a month working from home. I rent the master bedroom/ bath for up to 60 nights. Shared kitchen. Search: Outdoor Bike Bliss.

(My apologies for not having a link here). 

community supported
red tent

I have a vision that every town that has a yoga or dance studio will also have a community supported red tent for girls and young women coming of age. This would be a safe space with recipes that support each phase of the menstrual cycle, a place to relax, and classes that support embodiment such as belly dance and yoga.

If you share a similar vision, please contact me


I teach workshops and classes on how to stretch since there are so many theories and stretching techniques.

I also teach classes on embodiment: I teach the anatomy of a tissue or body part and guide movements focused on that area to increase body awareness. My classes are not designed to evaluate or treat any condition; they ARE meant to educate and promote body awareness.


"Erin is the rare therapist that combines the skills of the mind with the compassion of the heart. Her touch is informed, educated and finely tuned.  Listening carefully to the messages of the body’s tissues, she treats accordingly with sensitivity and deep knowing.  A highly skilled therapist, she continually seeks to hone her craft: the sign of an awesome practitioner."

- Cari R.

"I was referred to Erin after a car accident which had resulted in a bad concussion. I had headaches, dizziness, insomnia and depression as a result. I saw Erin for 8 sessions and the treatments were relaxing and wonderful and the results were amazing. I felt 100% restored as a result of my treatments. I had had persistent wrist pain for almost a year prior due to de quairvains tendinitis and as an added bonus that has completely resolved after some focused sessions as well. Erin is a talented therapist and I highly recommend her to anyone having pain, headaches, or sleep issues."

- Sarah P.

"I came to Erin hoping to find relief for a neck injury I sustained from my exercise routine. An hour and a half session left me floating on clouds, but more importantly, the irritating neck pain I had been experiencing for the past month had melted away. Also, Erin has amazing hands! She's gentle, but also has this strength that makes you feel you're in good hands. I highly recommend her services. "

- Jesah S.

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My Mission:

To assist, support, and empower active people in self-care and improving their movement passion whatever that may be.

To bring about greater awareness of the human body through education in the community and with my clients.

To be an ambassador for belly dance and sacred sexuality and provide an avenue for healing sexuality through dance. 

To help people rekindle their inner wild.